Documentary workshop in Kaišiadorys


26 May 2016 - 2 Jun 2016

Meno Avilys


Documentary workshop with 12 students between 15 and 17 year old from Kaišiadorių Algirdo Brazausko gymnasium in Kaišiadorys

During the workshop students of Kaišiadorių Algirdo Brazausko gymnasium explored the topic of spaces. They were introduced by a professional filmmaker to film language elements, linear and associative editing.

Students watched and discussed excerpts from the films by Chantal Akerman, Mercedes Álvarez, Šarūnas Bartas, José Luis Guerín and Audrius Stonys. The filmmaker leading the workshop encouraged students to reflect on the excerpts (camera’s point of view, its relation to space, significance of light, different shots etc.) During the workshop students implemented various photography and filmmaking exercises, which helped them to observe and to reveal spaces in cinematic form. The workshop leader and the teacher motivated the students to aspire for a constant dialogue between the artistic expression in their own films and the film excerpts they viewed. The two last days were devoted to film editing, organising a screening at the school and reflection on their final works.


Excerpts from films by Chantal Akerman, Mercedes Álvarez, Šarūnas Bartas, José Luis Guerín, Audrius Stonys