Documentary workshop in Paparčiai


12 May 2016 - 24 May 2016

Meno Avilys


Documentary workshop with 12 students between 10 and 13 year old from Kaišiadorių r. Paparčių secondary school in Paparčiai

During the workshop students of Kaišiadorių r. Paparčių secondary school deepened their knowledge in cinema and local crafts. Prior to the workshop students together with their teacher did a research on local crafts and chose the local wool fuller Audronė to be the main character of their future documentary film. On the first workshop day of a professional filmmaker introduced them to the basics of film language and showed film excerpts from Agnes Varda’s film Daguerréotypes (France, 1976) and Alain Cavalier’s film La matalassière (France, 1988). Students discussed about the depiction of crafts and craftsmen in films, analysed cinematographic elements suitable for revealing the wool felting. In the next two days they explored the environment of Audronė’s work, filmed different stages of the wool felting process (each group of students filmed a different stage) and reflected on their own audiovisual material in relation to the above mentioned film excerpts. The last two days were devoted to the film editing and organising the public screening for the school and Paparčiai town community. All the activities were implemented as a team work.


Excerpts from films by Agnès Varda and Alain Cavalier