Documentary workshop in Gižai


5 Apr 2016 - 9 Apr 2016

Meno Avilys


Documentary workshop with 20 students between 11 and 13 year old from Vilkaviškio r. Gižų Kazimiero Baršausko secondary school in Gižai

During the workshop students of Vilkaviškio r. Gižų Kazimiero Baršausko secondary school explored the significance of nature objects in films, their relations with human beings. In the beginning they watched and discussed about several excerpts from the films by film directors Audrius Stonys, David Perlov and Abbas Kiarostami. Later on, students were introduced to key elements of the film language and to a photography task related to the topic of the workshop “A diary of a nature object”. Having chosen an object, students started observing and capturing it in various times of a day and from different perspectives. The last day was devoted for final editing and presentation of the works. All the activities were carried out in teams of 5 students; the number of shots in the final works was limited up to 5. The workshop was led by a professional documentary filmmaker. After the workshop several students admitted that earlier they did not notice nature objects surrounding their school but filmmaking exercises inspired them to become much more observant.



Excerpts from films by Audrius Stonys, David Perlov, Abbas Kiarostami