Young Programmers of the SEFF – Seville European Film Festival

Programming for a Film Festival

6 Nov 2015 - 14 Nov 2015

A Bao A Qu


The group of Young Programmers of the Seville European Film Festival.

In 2015 starts the Young Programmers of the SEFF – Seville European Film Festival, a group of young people that are in charged of the selection and presentation of one of the sessions of the festival.

In this edition, after the preview of several films and meetings with the team of the festival, the group have chosen the film Stubborn, by Armel Hostiou. It is included in the section New Waves and the young programmers have presented the film and held the Q&A session with the director of the film.

The group is composed by fifteen young people from 14 to 16 years old from the secondary school “IES Severo Ochoa” of Seville.


Stubborn, by Armel Hostiou (France and USA, 2015)

November 10th at 19:45, presented by the group of Young Programmers and with a dialogue with the director.