New film session of ‘Pantalla Alternativa’

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20 May 2017

A Bao A Qu

Calàbria 66, Barcelona

New session of autheur cinema cycle 'Pantalla Alternativa', organized by young programmers UJAC, a group of young people from 15 to 19 years old who meet weekly to talk about cinema and organise a screening programming with the support of A Bao A Qu's team.

After presenting the film Días color naranja and conducting the dialogue with director Pablo Llorca within the framework of D’A – Festival Internacional de Cinema D’Autor de Barcelona, young programmers UJAC (Unió Jove Alternativa Cinemàtica) present the last film by Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo: The next skin (2016).

After the screenings, there’s a chance to dialogue with filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta who answers generously to all questions asked by young people from UJAC and the attendees: the cinematographic work, the use of the depth of field and the selection of optics, the locations and the expressive use of the landscape, the actor’s direction and the work with well-known actors, the shots and the sensation of tightness they cause, the idea’s origin and the development of the screenplay since its first draft in 2003, the codirection of the film along with Isa Campo, the end…

The session takes place on Saturday 20th May in the Auditory of Calàbria 66, the new cultural equipment from Sant Antoni’s quarter. With it, the season 2016-2017 of cinema cycle ‘Pantalla Alternativa’ finalizes.


The next skin, by Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo (Spain, Switzerland, 2016)