Programming process finalisation and preparation of the communication elements for EIFF

Programming for a Film Festival

1 Apr 2016 - 31 May 2016

Centre for the Moving Image


During the previous two months before the starting of EIFF, the young programmers from Edinburgh worked on the final details of their programming and had working sessions with a Senior Programmer and the Deputy Artistic Director of EIFF

In April-May the Young Programmers met with Niall Fulton, EIFF Senior Programmer of the two retrospective seasons at this year’s EIFF – Look Again, a retrospective of French Cinema du Look and Pow! Live Action Comic Strip film adaptations. The Young Programmers discussed the programming process with him and watched the above listed films from the retrospectives. They then wrote personal responses to the films and their writing was published in the EIFF catalogue. In this way, the Young Programmers were encouraged to critically assess the retrospective films and articulate their own response to them.

Alongside this, the Young Programmers also prepared brochure and catalogue copy for several other films from this year’s EIFF programme. This included their own shorts programme The Young and the Wild, Kids in Love by Chris Foggin (United Kingdom, 2016), Moon Dogs by Philip John (United Kingdom, 2016) and Sick (Bolesno) by Hrovje Mabic (Croatia, 2015). During this time they also met with Diane Henderson, Deputy Artistic Director of EIFF, to discuss their final choices of films that would be ‘badged’ in the brochure with the Young and the Wild stamp


The Young and the Wild, Kids in Love by Chris Foggin (United Kingdom, 2016)

Moon Dogs by Philip John (United Kingdom, 2016)

Sick (Bolesno) by Hrovje Mabic (Croatia, 2015)