Screening of documentary films at Institut français of Barcelona

Specific sessions for schools and other young groups

9 Feb 2016

A Bao A Qu

Institut français, Barcelona

Participants from the Moving Cinema Mobile workshops and from documentary workshops of Cinema en curs attended to the screening of four documentary films at the Institut français: Parabola d’oro by Vittorio de Seta (Italy, 1955), Vremena goda by Artavazd Pelechian (Soviet Union,1971), La souffleuse de verre by Alain Cavalier (France, 1991) and Glas by Bert Haanstra (Netherlands, 1958).

The screening was divided into two parts: first Parabola d’oro and Vremena goda were screened, and then La souffleuse de verre and Glas. At the end of each part, a rich dialogue was initiated about many cinematic issues: editing, sound, music, light at different hours of the day, how to film portraits, the ways to approach the portraits of people in relation to their jobs…


Parabola d’oro, by Vittorio de Seta (Italy, 1955)
Vremena goda, by 
Artavazd Pelechian (Soviet Union, 1971)
La soufleuse de verre, by Alain Cavalier (France, 1991)
Glas, by Bert Haanstra (Netherlands, 1958).