Screening of ‘Kurpe’ – Programmed by Young Curators at Skalvija Cinema Center

Public screenings in cinema spaces

28 May 2016

Meno Avilys

Skalvija Cinema Center, Vilnius

A team of young curators between 15 and 18 year old conducted a programme of two films in Skalvija Cinema Center

A group of young film programmers curated a mini programme of two films: Kurpe (The Shoe) and Kiemas (Courtyard) from the first decade of independence of the Baltic States. The film Kurpe was screened the day before the screening of Kiemas. It was presented by the group of young film programmers, who also distributed informational material compiled and designed by themselves. The audience of the screening: 40 people. The event took place in Skalvija Cinema Centre in close collaboration with Skalvija Film Academy.


Kurpe, by Laila Pakalnina (Latvia, Germany, France, 1998)