‘Los exiliados románticos’ at D’A – Barcelona International Auteur Film Festival

Regular Sessions at Festival and Cinemas (outside School Hours)

2 Apr 2015

A Bao A Qu

Aribau Club, Barcelona

Screening of 'Los exiliados' románticos by Jonás Trueba. Within the framework of D’A - Barcelona International Auteur Film Festival, followed by an informal meeting between the filmmaker and the young programmers.

D’A – Barcelona International Auteur Film Festival offers 25 free tickets for UJAC’s young programmers, and a reduced-rate for their companions. The young programmers and some students of ‘Cinema in curs’ attend the screening of Los exiliados románticos by Jonás Trueba, opened for the general public as well, and followed by a Q&A session with the filmmaker and the actress Renate Antonante. Once the session is over, the Young Programmers and the secondary schools students get to have an informal meeting with Jonas Trueba.


Los exiliados románticos, by Jonás Trueba (The Romantic Exiles, Spain, 2015)