‘Slimane’ at l’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival

Regular Sessions at Festival and Cinemas (outside School Hours)

20 Nov 2014

A Bao A Qu

CCCB, Barcelona

Screening of 'Slimane' by José Alayón, followed by a Q&A session with the filmmaker within the framework of l’Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival.

70 secondary school students, participants of Moving Cinema and Cinema en curs, attend a regular screening opened to the general public as well at l’Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival. In this case, the session is dedicated to the screening of Slimane by Jose Alayón, in presence of the director of the film. Together with the rest of the adult audience, the students participate in the dialogue and have the opportunity to continue the conversation once the session is over. Additionally, l’Alternativa offers the participants of Moving Cinema the possibility to assist to one session of the Festival for 1 euro.


Slimane, by José Alayón (Spain, 2013)