Screening of ‘Les quatre cents coups’ at Cine Doré – Filmoteca Española

Specific sessions for schools and other young groups

1 Mar 2016

A Bao A Qu

Ciné Doré (Filmoteca Española), Madrid

Students from three schools of Madrid, between 10 and 16 years old, attended to the screening of 'The 400 Blows' by François Truffaut (1959) at Cine Doré – Filmoteca Española.

Before the screening, Antonio Santamaría, responsible of the cinema theatre, has presented the Filmoteca and also has explained the alternated screenings and how to recognize the marks at the end of the film reels. The film has been screened in 35mm and has arrived in 5 cans: 3,000 meters of film!

After the screening, an extraordinary dialogue was initiated around crucial issues of the film: the end, the awareness to pass from childhood (and his memory) to adulthood, the relationship of Antoine with his parents (his evolution) and with René (the things in common and the differences), the camera movements, the value of close-ups, the dialogue with the psychologist, the temporary arch of the film, the cold, the light, the nights…

Before leaving, the responsible of the Filmoteca, gave us ‘fragments of films’ in 35mm.


Les quatre cents coups, by François Truffaut (The 400 Blows, France, 1959)