Screenings at D’A – Barcelona International Auteur Film Festival

Regular Sessions at Festival and Cinemas (outside School Hours)

21 Apr 2016 - 1 May 2016

A Bao A Qu

Students from schools and high schools linked to Moving Cinema and Cinema en curs attend to several sessions of the D’A - Barcelona International Auteur Film Festival.

The team of the festival, together with A Bao A Qu selected nine movies that are included in the festival’s programme.


Dead Slow Ahead, by Mauro Herce (Spain, 2015)
Les deux amis, by Louis Garrel (France, 2015)
Francofonia, by Alexander Sokurov (Germany, France, Netherlands, 2015)
In Memory of a Day Gone By, by Sharunas Bartas (Lithuania, 1990)
My Skinny Sister, by Sanna Lenken (Germany, Sweden, 2015)
El nome de los árboles, by Ramón Lluis Bande (Spain, 2015)
Oleg y las raras artes, by Andrés Duque (Spain, 2016)
Sunset Song, by Terence Davies (United Kingdom, 2015)
Trois souvenirs de ma jeneusse, by Arnaud Desplechin (France, 2015)