SEFF – Seville European Film Festival. Screenings and dialogues with filmmakers

Regular Sessions at Festival and Cinemas (outside School Hours)

4 Nov 2016 - 12 Nov 2016

A Bao A Qu


The SEFF – Seville European Film Festival offers tickets to students between 15 and 18 years old to attend some screenings of the Festival.

The festival’s team, along with A Bao A Qu, selects nine movies from the program that would be watched for students during the nine days of the festival.

In this second edition fifteen high schools of Seville will be participating.

Before starting to work with the students, a training encounter takes place with all the teachers involved. The aim of the meeting is to facilitate tools, methodologies and strategies that could be useful for them to prepare the screenings, the selection process of the films to be watched and the dialogues and comments after the projections.

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Belle Dormant, by Ado Arrietta (France, 2016)

Días Color Naranja, by Pablo Llorca (Spain, 2016)

Fiore, by Claudio Giovannesi (Italy/France, 2016)

L’indomptée / Daydreams, by Caroline Deruas (France, 2016) – the session will be presented by the Group of Young Programmers, in dialogue with the director.

La Mano Invisible, by David Macián (Spain, 2016)

La Substància, by Lluís Galter (Spain, 2016)

Mimosas, by Oliver Laxe (Spain/Morocco/France/Qatar, 2016)

Mister Universo, by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel (Austria/Italy, 2016)

Paradise! Paradise!, by Kurdwin Ayub (Austria, 2016)