Special Screening at Skalvija Cinema Center: ‘Singing’ in the Rain’

Public screenings in cinema spaces

23 Jan 2016

Meno Avilys

Skalvija Cinema Center, Vilnius

A team of young film curators, attending Skalvija Film Academy, organized Special Screening at Skalvija Cinema center. This screening was their final task at the end of semester.

Young curators were following repertoir of Skalvija Cinema center for four months: every Monday they attended film screenings, every Wednesday they discussed the film. 9 young curators followed every film festival taking place at Skalvija and tried to overview their programmes.

Every young curator offered 1-2 films they would like to show at the Cinema Theatre. After one week, during the decision making session everybody had a chance to say their opinion about each film on the list. The discussion was vibrant and full of strong arguments – everything was taken into account: Skalvija Cinema center’s regular audience, chosen films’ release in the Lithuanian Cinemas’ before, possible publicity campaign. Young curators had their shortlist of 5 films after the second session. Young curators came with the decision to show Singin’ in the Rain after the third discussion.

According to a team, they noticed the lack of classical cinema screenings in Skalvija Cinema center. Without traditional sundays’ screenings of classical films, only during the festivals the viewer can find some classical titles in the Cinema Theatre. They’ve decided to organize a Special Screening of classical genre film – cult musical Singin’ in the Rain (Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, USA, 1952).

They prepared press release, wrote two reviews, organised the translation, decorated Skalvija Cinema center accordingly, took pictures of the event and presented the film to the audience. The screening was full – it reached other students of Skalvija Film Academy and attracted diverse audience from young to senior cinema lovers.