‘Uma Pedra no Bolso’ at the Cinemateca Portuguesa

Specific sessions for schools and other young groups

10 Apr 2015

Os Filhos de Lumière


Screening of 'Uma Pedra no Bolso' by Joaquim Pinto ('Tall Stories', Portugal, 1988) at the Cinemateca Portuguesa addressed to young people and the participants of Os Filhos de Lumière’s workshops with the presence of the filmmaker. At the end of the screening there was a conversation between teachers, filmmakers and guests.

The presence of the filmmaker had a positive impact and increased the interest and curiosity of the young people about the film. The final conversation was very spontaneous and everyone participated in it. The young people that were present made every kind of question to the filmmaker, who was very open and answered all the questions as he told small stories about his profession and the filmmaking process such: visual and image options, choosing actors, locations, and shooting scenes. Even though the session was addressed to young people, it was open to general public, influencing the conversations.


Uma Pedra no Bolso, by Joaquim Pinto (Tall Stories, Portugal, 1988)