Young Programmer Activity during EIFF – Edinburgh International Film Festival

Programming for a Film Festival

15 Jun 2016 - 26 Jun 2016

Centre for the Moving Image

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh

From the 15th until 26th of June, the Young Programmers from Edinburgh hosted various events and sessions in the framework of EIFF - Edinburgh International Film Festival

Interviewing guests at Youth Hub:
From the 17th until 20th of June, the Young Programmers hosted various sessions at Youth Hub, interviewing guests from different films in the festival in front of a youth audience (aged 15-25). Guests included actors, directors, editors, documentary filmmakers, costume designers and make up artists.

Conducting Public Q&As:
The Young Programmers introduced several public screenings and hosted Q&A sessions with the film’s directors throughout the festival. This was a great opportunity for them to engage directly with the filmmakers, facilitate discussion with them, and develop their communication skills.

Media Days:
Four EIFF Young Programmers attended the EIFF Media Days the 21st and 22nd of June. They hosted sessions in front of an audience of secondary school students (over 300 attendees over the two days) – this included a Q&A with the director of Cheer Up. By talking about their experience as Young Programmers, they also publicized the activities of the group for the 2016-2017 session, having subsequently received emails from several students asking how they can join.


Sick (Bolesno) by Hrvoje Mabic (Croatia, 2015)

Pikadero by Ben Sharrock (United Kingdom, Spain, 2015)

BUGS by Andreas Johnsen (Denmark, 2016)

Cheer Up by Christy Garland (Finland, 2016)