Meno Avilys

Vilnius, Lithuania

NGO “Meno Avilys” has been acting in the area of film education and film preservation since 2005. In 2006 it initiated the first national film education project in Lithuania “Film at My School”. The NGO publishes film compilations on DVD which are accompanied by teaching guides. The educational material is distributed to teachers during teacher training seminars. In addition to this, it implements various film education activities at schools, orphanages and health care institutions. In 2009 “Meno Avilys” became a member of international video education network “Viducate” and organised “European Video Education Forum 2009” in Vilnius. At present it has also started developing an online cinematheque which will contain national documentaries accompanied by educational material. In 2014 “Meno Avilys” has carried out an in-depth research evaluating national film and theatre educational programmes for school students.

Since 2014 “Meno Avilys” has become a member of the two European projects in the framework of Audience Development: A Framework for Film Education in Europe led by BFI (UK) and ‘Moving Cinema’ led by A Bao A Qu (Spain), started together with Os Filhos de Lumière.