Call for Participants

Considering the projects of ‘Young Programmers’ are developed outside of the school context, the process of constituting the groups is very important.

The first step is to make an open call for participants collecting the basic information of the proposal and announcing one or two briefing meetings.

This can be done by various means, such as:

  • Social networks
  • Posters in secondary schools and areas frequented by young people.
  • Briefings meetings in secondary schools
  • In the case of entities that have already developed other programmes on film pedagogy, direct communication or communication through social media with the participants of these projects in current and former editions. This communication is addressed both to the young participants and the teachers or educators, who can be privileged allies to disseminate information.

After to the call, it is useful to organize briefing meetings or an initial session to present the project in detail and explain which commitments it implies for the participants.

Elaborated materials to make the call for participants.