Communication and dissemination is one of the tasks of the group. It is one of the most complex aspects and, simultaneously, one with huge relevance in helping programmes to reach people –especially young people– who are not regular spectators of European cinema or art-house cinema.

Our first question is how the information reaches young people who make part of the group. They analyse their own habits and usual channels of communication or information. Based on this analysis, they establish which media to use for their project: social networks, dissemination through whatsapp, posters, web, etc.

The diversity of channels and tools require the organization of the group in commissions or work groups, in order for each member to be able to get involved in the aspects they find more interesting or suitable. To enrich their proposals and widen their knowledge it can be interesting to organise working meetings with professionals from each of the areas (designers, community managers, etc).

Another relevant aspect is the name and the graphic identity of the project. This decision will probably require a lot of conversations and a lot of time.

Once again, the organiser entity not only advises the group but participates actively en the dissemination: through their mailing lists and social media, reaching press and mass media, etc.