The sessions: presentations, dialogues and organisation

The development and organisation of the sessions can be different according to the films of the programme, the dates (in case they coincide with especial dates), the time of the year, the venues, etc.

The young programmers conceive the format for each session, they prepare it and organise it: in some cases they can lead a Q&A session, in others they might invite an expert, they can think of special screenings (e.g. open-air screenings), etc.

It is interesting to always introduce briefly the film before the screening. This can be also complemented with a fact sheet with additional information about the film. In this way, young people become trainers of other young people (and the adult public attending!)

The organiser entity advises them and enables contacts, helps in the preparation of the presentations and the Q&A sessions, etc.

It is important, as well, to foresee production and technical aspects: managing copyrights, testing the screening copies, illumination and microphonics, etc. In the case of the programming developed in the context of Moving Cinema, these aspects have been provided by the organiser entities and not by the young programmers.