Inside Cinema

In 2016-2017 we start Inside Cinema, an online space devoted to the documents of the creation processes of both classic and contemporary films, and films in current process of production: screenplays, shooting and technical scripts, notes, photographs of location scoutings, storyboards, actor’s rehearsals, making of, shooting and editing documents.

These documents are the entrance to how cinema is made and will permit closeness to the creation processes of reference films within the history of cinema, films newly-made, and some others in development, still being made. About the last ones, we will follow step by step the process while they are created.

Some of the films that will be included in Inside Cinema, are:

European Heritage and Contemporary Films

  • Juan Antonio Bardem. Muerte de un ciclista (Death of a Cyclist), Spain, Italy, 1955
  • Pedro Costa. O sangue (The Blood), Portugal, 1989
  • Jean-Luc Godard. Pierrot le fou, France, 1965
  • José Luis Guerin. Tren de sombras (Train of Shadows), Spain, 1997
  • Manuel Mozos. Xavier, Portugal, 1991-2002
  • Joaquim Pinto. Uma pedra no bolso (Tall Stories), Portugal, 1988
  • Henrikas Šablevičius. Kelionė ūkų lankomis (A Trip Across Misty Meadows), Lithuania, 1973
  • Jonás Trueba. La reconquista (The Reconquest), Spain, 2016
  • François Truffaut. Les 400 coups (The 400 Blows), France, 1959
  • Robertas Verba. Šimtamečių godos (The Dreams of the Centenarians), Lithuania, 1969
  • Arūnas Žebriūnas. Gražuolė (Beauty), Lithuania, 1969

Films in Production

  • Andrius Blaževičius. Krizė (Crisis), Lithuania
  • Meritxell Colell. Con el viento (Facing the wind), Spain
  • Jorge Cramez. Amor Amor (Love Love), Portugal
  • Isaki Lacuesta. Entre dos aguas (Between Two Stools), Spain
  • Carla Simón. Estiu 1993 (Summer 1993), Spain