A group of young people program film sessions devoted to auteur cinema, developed in a cultural facility, open to the public and especially addressed to other young people.


To develop the programme, the group meets weekly and it has the support of professionals of the organization involved. Punctually, we also organise meetings with experts or professionals of the field: programmers, designers, community managers…

In this working model, the project is being developed outside of the school hours.

Some relevant aspects

– The organisation of the work processes. One interesting option is that the group is distributed in various specialist committees (content, design, communication…).

– The decision-making. In the case of A Bao A Qu, it always works on taking collective decisions through consensus processes.

– The selection of films. For the young programmers the project is an opportunity to discover very different films, to be able to comment and share them. The selection by young people can be combined from a first wide proposal by the organizer with films directly proposed by young people.

– The access of young people to films viewing prior to the selection. The VoD platforms are a privileged tool because the young people can access to many titles.

– Dissemination and communication. To reach the young audience is often necessary to find new strategies of communication. The young programmers, which are familiar with the social habits and the management that their friends and colleagues do of the networks, can be the most able to find them. The same goes when it comes to decide the meetings schedule and the working meetings.

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