Regular Sessions at Festival and Cinemas (outside School Hours)

Young people are proposed to attend regular sessions of festivals, outside school hours and together with the general public.


They are open proposals, outside school hours and completely optional, which are intended to foster the attendance of young people to the spaces of cinema, with regular public and during their leisure time. This is to say, conceiving going to cinema as a personal option, a decision motivated by interest.

Young people are invited to attend festivals and cinemas to watch films suggested by the entity or/and the teachers. Additional information about the film is provided to them.

Agreements with the cinemas and festivals are settled in order for young people to get their tickets with very reduced fees or even free of charge.

Some relevant aspects

– In the case of collaborations with festivals, the organiser entity selects out of the Festival’s programme some titles that consider especially interesting for young people.

– Before going to the cinema. Information about the suggested films is enabled. If any, the presence of the filmmaker in a Q&A session is pointed out and remarked.

– All though the screenings are usually outside school hours, it often results positive that the teachers attend the screenings with them. Many times, this company facilitates some young people to decide to go to the sessions.

– Dialogues with filmmakers. If possible, it is very interesting that the filmmaker gets to dedicate an amount of time –even if it is short- to talk directly to the young attendants, further from the Q&A session with the general public.

– It is very important the coordination between the organisers of the activities, the young people and those responsible of the festivals and cinemas, to be able to guarantee a good selection of the films as well as the right operation in the sale-purchase of the tickets (given the very special prices, there is not always a previous mechanism established and it has to be created specifically for the occasion).