Specific Sessions for Groups of Young People within the Framework of Festivals (in School Hours)

Screenings organized especially for students, during school hours.


These sessions are specifically programmed and organized for students. Therefore they are developed during school hours and they are coordinated with the teachers and the schools.

They can be held in spaces with a programme for students (e.g Cinematheques, public cultural venues, etc.) or be included in festivals that decide to make some morning sessions for students. In the second case, usually the films that are screened are part of the selection of the festival.

The screenings are made with a previous presentation and a Q&A session. Wherever possible we count on the participation of the filmmaker or a film professional that has participated on the film.

Furthermore, some days before the screening, information about the chosen film is provided to the teachers in order for them to introduce it in class and prepare the screening, informing themselves as well about the space or festival they will attend to. For these sessions, it is very enriching to prepare pedagogic materials for the classwork after the screening.

Some relevant aspects

– Film selection. The organiser entity selects the films. In the case of the festivals, it is done in dialogue with those responsible of the event, who can provide copies of the films so they are be previously watched by the organiser entity and conveniently valued.

– Dissemination in the schools. It is important to make the proposal to the schools with enough time in advance, in order for them to organize the field trip, as it requires and internal coordination by the teachers.

– It is interesting to establish agreements with the festivals in order for the tickets to be sold with a very reduced fee or even free of charge.

– The tickets. Given the very special prices, there is not always a previous mechanism established and it has to be created specifically for the occasion.